2021 CBFA COVID Safety Protocols and Action Plan  Revision 21-09-16

  1. Daily Health Checklist
    1. Follow guidelines described on the checklist to determine if a COVID test is advised.
    2. Have player/parents and coaches complete prior to attending practice.
    3. Continue to use health screening applications as an alternative method to the paper form.
  2. Daily Attendance Log
    1. Attendance confirms Health Checklist has been completed. Collection of checklists is not required.
  3. Adhere to Football Alberta Guidelines and Calgary Football Official Association Guidelines (See Sections Below)
  4. Other Guidelines
    1. Avoid using locker rooms. If your team will meet in a locker room, all personnel and players are to wear masks.
    2. Outdoor activity will not be subject to mask wearing but physical distancing should be practiced where possible. If distancing cannot be maintained wear masks.
    3. Follow no postgame handshake guidelines.
  5. Positive COVID-19 cases are to be reported to:
    1. Bill Monks bill.monks@shaw.ca
    2. Melissa Roth by.sidelined.by.injury@gmail.com
    3. Dan Pedersen daniel.pedersen@yahoo.com
    4. Ron Logan rmlogan@shaw.ca
    5. Jim Courchesne brvending@shaw.ca
  6. Regardless of source of infection/transmission, 3 positive or likely cases within 10 days will be considered an outbreak.
    1. Upcoming games will be postponed and rescheduled on a best effort basis.
    2. Anyone associated with the on-field team must be tested for COVID-19.
    3. A negative COVID-19 test is required for individuals to return to the team environment.
    4. Those do not wish to seek a test can isolate from the team environment for 10 days prior to returning.
    5. It is the responsibility of the Head Coach in conjunction with the Safety Officer/Manager to ensure these steps are carried out to your satisfaction.
    6. Ongoing communication with those listed in #4 is to be maintained during this period.
  7. Past opponents will be notified to be on alert for new, persistent and/or worsening symptoms.
    1. When a cluster of past opponent’s team members demonstrate symptoms after 5 days since meeting, that team’s games will be postponed and rescheduled on a best effort basis.
  8. When a postponement occurs, the game will be rescheduled on a best effort basis.
    1. The CBFA will notify both teams as soon as it is determined.
    2. Officials, Therapists and Videographers will be notified.
    3. If Hellard or Field 8 cannot be booked for rescheduling, the forfeiture rule for standings will be invoked. The team affecting the postponement will be considered the forfeiting team.
  9. How can Family’s and Spectator’s support their children during games.
    1. Complete the home health checklist and do not come to the facility if you are unwell.
    2. Follow provincial measures concerning masking in washrooms and other indoor spaces.
    3. Avoid congestion by using entry and exit points marked by signage when entering and leaving the stadium and bleachers.
    4. Avoid sitting in large groups by making full use of seating in bleachers and maintain 6 ft space between family cohorts.
    5. Wear masks in situations of high congestion and when distancing cannot occur.
    6. Avoid meeting inside the stadium before and after games on the concourse. Exit the stadium areas and move to more open areas outside of the gates. Teams will have their players exit the stadiums promptly after their team talk at the conclusion of games.

Calgary Football Officials Association

  1. Referees and Umpires to wear face coverings when meeting with coaches and captains before games and do not shake hands. At Bantam and Peewee, we are keeping the captains 10 yards apart and only asking the captain  that is speaking about choices to move closer. The Executive believes that is a reasonable approach to  use at all other levels as well.
  2. Referees to remind coaches that there will not be handshakes at the end of the games as per Football Alberta guidelines, lining up the teams to wave to each other from the 45 yard lines is an example of an acceptable post game sportsmanship approach.
  3. Referees advise that the benches will be extended from 30-30 yard lines when teams on opposite sides of the field and own 45-10 yard lines when team are on the same side of the field for better physical distancing.
  4. On Hellard and Stampeder fields,  teams and coaches are asked stay behind the solid yellow line running parallel to the benches, giving better physical distancing between sideline officials and teams( Referees, tell this to coaches at pre game meeting as well)  .  On other fields where there are no extra sideline markings,  ask the benches to stay back at least 2 yards from the sidelines to give the side officials room to move and physical distance. Sideline officials, gently and continual remind coaches of this requirement during the game, it will be a work in progress but they will get it over time….Please do not flag the teams for this….
  5. strongly advise officials to  wear a face covering ( ie. mask or gaiter) when moving into a group of players on the field  and  when having a conversation with a coach or bench personnel on the sidelines. Do your best to keep distance from players where possible.
  6. reminder to all officials that masks/face coverings are  mandatory/must be worn when in dressing rooms or any other indoor public spaces.


Football Alberta

  1. Most municipalities and/or school boards will already have requirements for masks on bussing or any other type of enclosed group transportation. Whenever you travel as a team in those situations, masks MUST be worn.
  2. Facilities in different areas of the Province may have different rules regarding access so it’s important to communicate with them prior to games. In some cases the locker rooms may not be available anymore so it is wise to check in advance. In the cases where the locker rooms are accessible for both teams and officials they should be used as an absolute last resort (i.e. long bus ride requiring teams to change prior to games) and masks are mandatory in all indoor situations.  Whenever possible teams and officials should come dressed and not access any indoor spaces before, during, or after competitions.
  3. All coaches using spotters booths and/or minor officials such as timers, statisticians, and public address announcers must wear masks if they are in an enclosed space with more than one person in the room.
  4. All teams meetings should be conducted on-line (i.e. Zoom) whenever possible.
  5. All outdoor activity will not be subject to mask wearing but Physical Distancing should be practiced where possible. This may require larger spaces on the sideline for benches during games and increased usage of the field for practices. Spectators are still allowed at games but required to Physically Distance from other family units at the games. In situations where capacity of a facility is reduced for spectators please cooperate with the facility provider to ensure your team’s supporters do not exceed what is available.
  6. Now that the season is well underway we would recommend an alternative to post game handshakes be used. Whatever recognition of the other team in the spirit of sportsmanship that can be used would be eminently preferable to shaking 50 peoples hands. Waves, elbow bumps, three cheers, are suggestions you may consider.
  7. Pre-screening apps that have the player indicate how they are feeling on any particular day are in use with several teams and are recommended going forward. If nothing else, it can ensure that anyone not feeling well declares as such and does not return to a practice or game until they feel better. Please be vigilant in that anyone who is not feeling well at all MUST stay home until they feel better or in some situations where they report COVID symptoms – provide a negative test at their own expense.
  8. Any positive COVID cases reported on your team or within an official’s organization will be dealt with by the AHS contact who informs the individual in question. Schools will have their own protocols but all community groups should abide by what they are told by AHS regarding any individual on their team with a positive test (i.e. isolation requirements).  There is no longer any contact tracing being done by the Province but do keep your contact list for your team current in case you need to inform team members who have been a close contact to a positive case.
  9. Sanitizing all communal equipment (i.e. blocking dummies and footballs) at the conclusion of each practice is still recommended.